Lake anna water temperature

Current shift adjusted stage-discharge rating table. These tab delimited tables are updated daily and can change frequently. If you use these ratings, it is important that you update often so that you have the most current version. What is a shift adjusted stage-discharge rating?

Department of the Interior U. Misc Caribbean Islands U. Find our Next Generation Station Page here. Click to hide News Bulletins. Click to hide station-specific text. Station operated in cooperation with Virginia Dominion Power Current shift adjusted stage-discharge rating table. Discharge, cubic feet per second. Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Discharge, cubic feet per second"?

See this graph on the Beta Monitoring Location Pages. Share this graph.

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Daily discharge, cubic feet per second -- statistics for Oct 10 based on 30 water years of record more Min 25th percen- tile Most Recent Instantaneous Value Oct 10 Median 75th percen- tile Mean Max Gage height, feet. Add up to 2 more sites and replot for "Gage height, feet"?

Feedback on this web site Automated retrievals Help. Data Tips Explanation of terms Subscribe for system changes News. All 2 Available Parameters for this site.Public and private refer to the waters of Lake Anna, you can still drive around the private side communities unless they require gate access.

lake anna water temperature

The public side has marina access to the public, while the water on the private side can only be accessed by private ramps within housing communities. You cannot reach one side from the other on a boat due to the 3 dikes that separate the sides. That means the private side sees less boat activity which owners enjoy. The downside is that there is no water access to the public restaurants or gas stations for boaters so you will need to bring gas to your boat if you live on the private side.

The red lines indicate the locations of the 3 dikes. The temperatures refer to the increase in water temperatures due to the water that cools the turbines of the power plant. As the water cools the turbines, the water itself is warmed in the lagoon and some of the heat is transferred to the lake water. That can mean a prolonged boating season for the warm side of the lake closest to the plant. Housing prices tend to be higher on the public side of the lake currently as commercial development attracts homeowners and tourists alike.

Due to the public park and marinas you will find more boating activity on the public side of the lake. Of course the public side is also much larger so there are more Lake Anna waterfront homes available for sale.

As you can see there are benefits to both sides of the lake depending on what you are looking for in your Lake Anna home!

Lake Anna: Public Side vs. Private Side

Search for:.It was projected to take three years to completely fill the lake, but with the additional rainfall from Hurricane Agnesthe lake was full in only 18 months. The first communities broke ground at about that same time and now some different communities dot the shores of the lake. In Junethe first of the two reactors went into commercial operation. The second unit followed in December The private side is formed of three main bodies of water, connected by navigable canals.

The public and private sides are divided by three stone dikes. The private side has no marinas or public access ramps; only property owners and North Anna Power Station employees have access to the waters of the private side.

The public side has several marinas and boat launches, including a boat ramp at the state park. The public side sees significantly higher boat traffic than the private side, especially on summer weekends. The public side is known as the "cold" side because it provides water to cool the generators at the power plant; the private or "hot" side receives warm water discharge from the power plant.

The private side can be substantially warmer than the public side, especially near the discharge point, where it can be too hot for swimming. The private side has an extended water sports season. Some water circulates back out of the private side into the public side through underground channels; consequently, the public side is warmer in the southern area near the dam.

Neighbors who witnessed fatal Lake Anna drowning describe heartbreaking scene

In the winter, some fish migrate to these warmer waters. Preliminary steps toward the addition of a third reactor have raised protests from environmentalists and property owners, who fear an increase in the water temperature and a decrease in the water level, particularly on the private side. Two smaller 8. Lake Anna State Parkoffering picnic areas and boat launching ramps, is located directly on the lake's public side eastern shore.

The park has a maintained beach area with snack bar, docks, an exhibit center and several miles of hiking, horse trails and tours including visits to the remains of Goodwin gold mine and gold panning.

The state park offers rental cabins for overnight lodging. The Kinetic Race weekend in May with a half-distance race on Saturday and a sprint-distance race on Sunday. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For the lake in Minnesota, see Anna Lake. This Section contains content that is written like an advertisement. Please help improve it by removing promotional content and inappropriate external linksand by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

lake anna water temperature

Accessed on June 30, Dominion Resources, Inc. Archived from the original on Retrieved Nuclear Regulatory Commission. June Retrieved 23 October Virginia Power. Lake Anna Civic Association. Accessed on April 5, We check for coliform bacteria at all our parks weekly during the summer.

We close swimming if we get a bad reading and I can't remember an issue there. Is this water safe for swimming, possible ingestion from children?

Are there testing reports available for parents? The water is regularly tested. It is a very large lake, so it varies. The large majority of the water regularly tests well bellow anything considered unsafe, especially in the mid and southern end of the lake. There can be some problems with pollution run-off after a heavy rain in a few narrow parts of the lake.

Our experience has been nothing but great at lake Anna!

lake anna water temperature

It's a fresh water lake and our son has a lot of fun playing in the water there!! Hope this helps! I would not be so sure. I am mostly concerned about Naegleria Fowleri, commonly known as "brain eating amoeba. It is a free-living, bacteria-eating amoeba that can be pathogenic, causing a fulminant sudden and severe brain infection called naegleriasis, also known as primary amoebic meningoencephalitis PAM which always results in death.

It is also found in the soil near warm-water discharges of industrial plants, and in unchlorinated or minimally-chlorinated swimming pools.

It can be seen in either an amoeboid or temporary flagellate stage. Can anyone guarantee that Lake Anna is free of this amoeba? Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. See all questions. Ranked 2 of 18 Attractions in Spotsylvania.

lake anna water temperature

Jennie H. Is the water polluted at lake anna. Sharon D. Will we be allowed to swim at our own See all questions Browse nearby Restaurants 30 Things to Do Things to Do. Map updates are paused. Zoom in to see updated info. Updating MapThe Virginia Department of Health has issued an advisory for the Upper Pamunkey and Upper North Anna branches of the lake after receiving the results of samples taken July The algae can cause skin rash and gastrointestinal issues such as upset stomach, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

The lake had a similar problem last year. Even with the alert in place, some Lake Anna resident are too concerned. People and pets are urged to avoid contact with the water until algae concentrations drop. The Virginia Department of Health advised avoiding swimming, windsurfing and stand-up-paddle-boarding as well as other activities that pose a risk of ingesting water or exposure to skin.

Algae blooms happen when warm water and nutrients combine to make conditions favorable for algae growth. Most species are harmless, however some species may produce irritating compounds or toxins. Avoid discolored water or scums that are green or blueish-green because they are more likely to contain toxins. The Virginia Department of Health lists the following things people should do to prevent illness:. Click here to learn more from the Virginia Department of Health.

Skip to content Advertise with Us! Harmful algae bloom advisory issued for parts of Lake Anna in Louisa, Orange and Spotsylvania counties. Advisory signs will be posted in areas of the lake. Avoid contact with any area of the lake where water is green or an advisory sign is posted.

Do not allow children or pets to drink from natural bodies of water. Keep children and pets out of the areas experiencing a harmful algae bloom and quickly wash them off with plenty of fresh, clean water after coming into contact with algae scum or bloom water. To ensure fish fillets are safe to eat, properly clean fish by removing skin and discarding all internal organs, and cooking fish to the proper temperature.

If you suspect you experienced health-related effects following exposure to a bloom, contact the Virginia Harmful Algal Bloom Hotline at To learn more about harmful algae blooms or to report an algae bloom or fish kill visit www. Copyright WVIR. All rights reserved.Though many homeowners use the lagoons for recreation, high temperatures do not pose a health hazard to those people, a Virginia Department of Environmental Quality official said.

The agency held a public hearing yesterday for a renewal of the water permit issued to the power station every five years. The state water permit renewal is not related to the utility's application for a third and possibly fourth reactor at the site. Tom Faha, northern regional director for the DEQ, said development around the lake -- with houses, septic systems and grass replacing trees -- affects the water quality more than water used in the reactors.

A group of residents have urged regulators to set limits on how high the nuclear power plant can raise temperatures in the lake built to cool the reactors. Ruth cited a state study showing that microscopic organisms begin to flourish at temperatures exceeding 95 degrees. Ruth is spokesman for the Friends of Lake Anna, a 2,member group who seek operating restrictions on the reactors. John Carroll, who has lived on the lake near the lagoons for 18 years, said he has no problem with the occasionally high water temperatures in the lagoon.

He said that homeowners are made aware of Dominion's use of the water, and of the warm temperatures, before they purchase property at Lake Anna. Ruth's group also wants the entire lake covered by the federal Clean Water Act, which would be enforceable by the Environmental Protection Agency. Currently, the law does not cover the portion of the lake used to cool the power plant's two nuclear reactors.

The renewed permit would cover marine life in the larger, public portion of the lake.

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The group wants Gov. Timothy M. Kaine and the EPA to intervene and delay the public-comment period for the permit renewal until all parties have their concerns addressed. The state created the 13,acre lake in the s by damming the North Anna River. The power station uses about 3, acres of water to cool its two nuclear reactors. Cooling happens when lake water passes through pipes that condense the steam from the reactors. The water doesn't come in contact with radioactive material.

The lake water then runs through a series of three cooling lagoons before it is available to the reactors again. The lake's mile shoreline contains permanent and vacation homes, marinas and Lake Anna State Park.

Contact Calvin R. Trice at or ctrice timesdispatch.

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The U. Army Criminal…. Angel Montague Blakes panicked when her husband called and told her that her son, Jerome Montague, had been shot. I turned around and drove past again. I am not sure if you understand the impact.There were several issues being analyzed and discussed at this time.

First, there were assessments developed by State agencies reporting levels of E. In addition, the assessments also listed several streams as impaired due to high acid levels. This monitoring also provided indications of dissolved oxygen and nutrient phosphorus status as well as water clarity.

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Please reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or ideas on improving water quality at Lake Anna. Through this process, DEQ will identify specific water quality impairments and other strategic measures in a prioritized list of waters for TMDL or TMDL alternative development in the time frame.

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As part of the process, DEQ requested public input on their prioritization process. TMDL alternatives are watershed cleanup plans typically developed when the cause of a water quality problem is clear and the analysis required to develop a TMDL is not necessary for restoration efforts.

The opportunity to provide input is open through Monday, October 5th, A copy of the letter can be read at this link. If you are interested in sending a personal input you may write directly to the DEQ point of contact listed below. A copy of the draft Integrated Report that lists current impaired waters is available on the DEQ website at this link.

Anne Schlegel. DEQ — Central Office. Box Richmond, VA Telephone: Schlegel DEQ. Board of Directors. Annual Meeting.

Water Temperatures in the Middle Atlantic Region

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